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About Us



Electrical installations can be dangerous!

      We will do the job right
                               A company you can trus


Hello, my name is Steve Wilkens.

I am the proud owner of Southwest Electric. After graduating from college with a B.A. degree, I taught school for several years. Over the years I have traveled extensively and have learned to speak several foreign languages. This background has been a great asset for me in dealing with my customers.


I am both a licensed general and electrical contractor as well a certified electrician. I have been in the business of servicing and satisfying customers in the Santa Clara Valley since 1978. I treat each home and customer with the respect they deserve, in the same manner I would my own home.
I have developed a reputation of being honest, providing high quality services at reasonable rates. My satisfied customer base and their referrals continue to make my business grow.  Many of my customers call me over and over again as their needs arise and increase.   Hopefully you will, too!
My electricians are fully trained and certified. They also share my beliefs about customer service.



Southwest Electric is committed to:

Answering all your questions
Making you feel at home with us.
Doing a job that will meet or exceed your expectations.
Starting and finishing the job on time.
Working around your schedules as best as we can.
Developing a plan for expert services.
Submitting fair estimates .
Keeping customers informed about the latest regulations.


For Example:

In the state of California all contractors must be bonded, licensed and insured.
The National Electrical Code Book (NEC) is the rule book that governing agencies enforce.
As a contractor, I always abide by these continuously changing rules and regulations.
I have come to understand the interpretations of the NEC by the various inspection
departments of the Santa Clara County.

New Electrical Regulations - Title 24

In order to decrease energy consumption, California has adopted a new energy code (Title 24)
that significantly impacts lighting in new and remodeled homes.

Beginning October 2005, all new and remodeled homes must incorporate energy efficient
lighting and controls.

Depending on the room, these include: * Dimmers or Occupancy Sensors
                      Must be certified Title 24 compliant

                           Must be manual-on/automatic-off (can also  be turned off manually)
                              Must turn off automatically in 30 minutes
                              Cannot be locked in a permanent "on" state
* High efficacy lights - fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL) or  high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps Fluorescent, CFL, and HID lights must not have a medium screw base socket. Lamps rated 13 watts or greater must have an electronic ballast

For further info on Title 24 requirements you may check out - www.lutron.com/CATitle24


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